The Botswana Collection

Africa. Just the mention of the name brings up images of vast expanses of untamed land, herds of migrating wildebeest, lions, and those giants of the plains, elephants. The thrill of taking one of these behemoths should not stop once the hunt is over. Proudly display the tusks of your trophy with the Botswana tusk base. Resting on the floor, this base blends a circular floor piece with flat panels upon which your elephants tusks rest and curve upward to their full majestic height. Inlaid with the African continent made of beautiful Zebra wood, you will be unable to pass by this piece without taking notice.

The Zambezi Collection

The Zambezi Collection of bases proudly display your hippo tusks with a dignity and brashness that symbolize everything the Zambezi River embodies. Rectangular in a shape that slopes up to where the tusks are displayed, this base is set off by an inlay of the African continent on its face.

The Chobe Collection

Warthog Tusks

Rhino Horns