Whether you have a small corner display or an entire mountain installation, our team of professional indoor mountain builders will work to capture the perfect environment for your trophy room.


What better way to preserve and display your animals than in their natural habitats? We invite you to look through our photos and see our high level of habitat construction. Under the direction of 10-time world taxidermy champion, Frank Newmyer, our crew can build a habitat for your mounts that will truly amaze you.

We use only top quality, non-natural materials that will hold their shape and color for many years. They are so realistic, you will have to touch them to tell that they are artificial! These materials are very easy to clean and care for. You will not end up with the “old and dusty” look that so many mounts get after a few years.

Rather than ten animals on ten bases looking out of place and difficult to display, why not have a whole mountain built that can incorporate many types of realistic habitats that will display your animals in a realistic and artistic manner.


We have built mountains with steam rising off of small springs, wind blowing the hair of a majestic tahr, and waterfalls sprinkling into pools of bubbling water. The options are endless…

The basic charges are based per square footage of rock created and then extras are added. Each project is completely individual and different.

For large mountains that fill a room, it can take up to three weeks to complete a project. For smaller projects it can take about a week. It all depends on your wants and needs. We can usually begin a project within three months of the first discussion, however this is contingent on workflow.