Lake Superior Forest Edel

The sides of the Forest Edel are of equal width and characterized by a tall, thin shape showcasing your mount as it is lifted from the floor to a grand height representative of the great trees that make up Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The top of this pedestal is 15" X 15" and is suitable for small to medium shoulder mounts.

Great Plains Edel

The sides of the Great Plains Edel are of equal width like the Forest Edel, but the Great Plains Edel is shorter and wider than the forest Edel to hold larger animals and evoke thoughts of the Midwest’s expansive plains. The top of this pedestal is 24" X 24" and is suitable for medium to large shoulder mounts.

Black Hills Edel

The Black Hills Edel maintains the classic Edel shape, but is rectangular rather than square. A true treasure, just like the Black Hills of South Dakota. The top of this pedestal is 32" X 24" and is suitable for larger shoulder mounts.


A rugged ranch owner and refined New York gentleman define Theodore Roosevelt, our 26th U.S. president. This base has arch topped raised panels with several layers of trim cascading to the floor. This pedestal comes in a hieght of 36 inches and verying widths. (Top-20x20 Bottom-22x22), (Top-25x25 Bottom-27x27), (Top-30x30 Bottom-32x32).


Every person that met the first U.S. president remarked about his unwavering character and grace under fire. The base that bears his name reflects this classic general and statesman. Raised panel sides that fall straight to the floor with clean lines show everyone why this man is revered in our country. The Washington pedestal comes is many options; 8 sided, 6 sided, and 5 sided. Options for the 8 sided are 32 or 36 inches tall by your choice of width;18x18, 20x20, 24x24, 30x30, or 34x36. There is also a 24 inch tall model which is only availbale in a width of 32x32.