The Kodiak

(raised panel floor bases)
The name Kodiak invokes images of larger-than-life hunts, ferocious bears, and the pristine wilderness. Alaska's Emerald Isle is an unrelenting natural environment that can be harsh at times, but that only adds to the allure of this natural sanctuary. The Kodiak collection of life size floor bases was designed to bring everything that makes Kodiak Island unique and represent it in wood. Raised or flat panel sides, rectangle, or any shape in between, the Kodiak aggressively attempts to meet your needs. Customize the Kodiak with inlays or v-carving to elegantly tell your story in wood.

The Aleutian

(flat sided floor bases)
Rising from the southwest corner of Alaska, the Aleutian Mountains fall into the Pacific Ocean and are characterized by violent, unpredictable volcanic islands. Yet this powerful display of nature draws us, irresistibly. The Aleutian Collection of floor bases will do the same as people move toward your mount and ask you to tell the story again. With a clean flat side, capped by an elegant piece of trim, the Aleutian showcases your animal magnificently. The Aleutian comes in a variety of shapes such as square, rectangle, round, oval, and any customized shape you want.