The Wildlife Gallery is very proud to align itself with and support the following organizations and TV shows.

A big thank you to Dallas Safari Club and the Wild Sheep Foundation for their tireless efforts in protecting not only the wildlife in the field, but the hunter's rights to pursue them. We are proud that our support of these organizations translates into dollars that can be used for the education and longevity of our sport. We encourage you to look at the contributions these organizations have made and are making to the sport of hunting.

We would also like to thank Safari Classics Productions, producers of: Tracks Across Africa, Hornady‚Äôs Africa, and Trijicon's World of Sports Afield, as well as The Sportsman Channel's Trailing The Hunter's Moon, Uncaged with Matt Hughes, Destination Xtreme with Mark Peterson, and Big Boys TV. These shows span the globe, and the ethics and education incorporated in every show is a reflection of what we believe in here at The Wildlife Gallery. These are more than just hunting shows, they are entertaining, educational, and conservation-minded.

We also sponsor the Foundation For Hope and Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation. These organizations provide hunting dreams for kids with critical illnesses. We are so proud to be able to put something back into the hunting community, and in the case of these kids, seeing them get such a lift from these amazing hunting experiences is more than words can express.

Thank you all for providing such a broad platform from which to display our work, our work ethic, and the wonderful variety of wildlife we are privileged to preserve each year.