BRAD ELDRED- President & CEO
I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce my team to you. I am so proud of the individuals who make up The Wildlife Gallery Custom Taxidermy Studio. It truly takes a team effort to bring the level of quality and service that our clients have come to expect from us. Each person, from management to service, from our wildlife artists to our support team is extremely talented in what they do. I have the utmost confidence in the hard-working people you will read about below.
Vice President
DAN CATLIN - Senior Vice President
Dan is a proven master taxidermist winning 8 Best of Category Awards at the Masters level and the Breakthrough Award Best of Show at the 2006 Iowa State Competition. Dan's 15 years of law enforcement experience has developed him into a strong leader for our award-winning staff. We are proud to have Dan in charge of keeping the studio organized and running smoothly. Email
WENDY WALTERS - Administrative Assistant
From administrating our sales data system, to planning travel schedules and managing inventory, Wendy keeps our taxidermy office running in top form.
Studio Managers
CHAD WARNER - General Manager
Chad manages our Blanchard Taxidermy Studio. His dedication to quality service and taking care of our customers is outstanding.
  BOB PARKEY - Studio Manager
Bob is a Grand Master Taxidermist and 3-time International Champion. Bob manages our Indian River Studio.
See the Indian River Studio page
Char has 18 years of experience. She has won many state titles, one International Champion title, and two Wasco Awards. Char manages our St. Louis studio.
See the St. Louis Studio page
  FRANK NEWMYER - Mountains & Habitat Manager
Frank is a Master Taxidermist and a 10-time World Champion bird taxidermist. Frank manages our Gladwin studio.
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Customer Service & Sales Representatives
BRENT GLUCH - Sales Manager / Accounts Receivables
Brent's ability to communicate with an open door policy, along with his efficient management style are just two reasons why his clients enjoy working with him.
  OWEN ELDRED - Customer Service / Quality Control
Owen is a National Champion taxidermist. He has garnered much praise at the state, national and world levels.
LEIGH LASLEY - Customer Service
Leigh has been around the taxidermy industry all her life. Her experience and attention to detail makes her an MVP on our customer service team.
  ROBB GUSTAFSON - Customer Service
Robb's personable people skills and vast knowledge of wildlife make him a valuable asset to our customer service dept.
Taxidermy Artists
DIETRICH THOMAS - Production Manager
Dietrich specializes in the big game animals of New Zealand. He has studied under the top taxidermists there.
  JAY BURGGREN - Taxidermist
Jay's competition portfolio is filled with best of category awards for his whitetail deer and his African specialty, the zebra.
JIM HICKS - Taxidermy Team Leader
Jim is a World Champion taxidermist, and has over 30 years of experience. His talent in altering forms is unsurpassed and makes “the sky the limit” for creativity in our taxidermy studio.
  COREY WILLEY - Taxidermist
Corey has won many awards at the State level and is a member of several wildlife organizations.
Brandon has won awards at the state level. Brandon brings a lot of creativity and natural appeal to the work he does.
  MIKE DOYLE - Taxidermist
Mike has been in the taxidermy industry since 2002. He is a 5 time state champion winner, and specializes in small to medium north american mammals.
JEFF MIGDA - Taxidermist
Jeff joined us in early 2013 after owning his own taxidermy business for many years. His experience shines through in every peice he mounts.
  TRISTIN MIKEK -Taxidermist
Tristin brings a winning combination of artistic skill and a robust, hands on approach. His work is vibrant and true to form.
Jesse has been doing taxidermy since 2005. His skills make him an excellent all around taxidermist, but if you asked him he'd say his favorite animal to mount is the whitetail!
  KEVIN EBERHARDT - Taxidermist
Kevin has been doing taxidermy since 1999. His many years of experience have made him a very versital taxidermist, able to create life-like results with everything he mounts.
Finish Artists
JEREMY HART - Finish Team Leader
Jeremy has an artistic talent for anatomical structure, symmetry, and depth of color. His work helps make every animal come to life.
  MIKE HELMER - Finish Artist
Mike has natural
artistic talent and a hunger to learn. He is quickly developing the techniques that will make him a well rounded finish artist.
KEVIN HANSES - Finish Artist
Kevin's hands-on approach makes him a go-to guy in the finish department, and his lifetime of hunting and fishing experience shows through in the quality of his work.
Habitat Artists
TERRY VINING - Habitat & Replication Manager
Terry has won many awards at the state, national, international, and world levels, including 10 best of categories and won 7 state championships. Terry has been replicating antlers and horns since 1989.
  PAUL BELLINGAR - Habitat Designer
Paul has been with the company since 2008 and has worked in just about every production department. His understanding of the taxidermy process makes him a key team member.
RODNEY WALTERS - Habitat Designer
Rodney has been working in the taxidermy industry for over 20 years. He specializes in the fine details of habitat design; paying special attention to plantlife realism.
Mountain Building Crew
TRAVIS PERKINS - Mountain Team Project Manager
Travis has worked in both our tannery and our taxidermy studio since 2009. He is also a vital member of our mountain building crew.
Wood Workers
JOSH MOODY - Fine Woodworker
Josh is our finish expert. From staining to the spray booth, Josh adds that "finishing touch" that really makes our woodwork shine.
  AARON HUBBLE - Fine Woodworker
Aaron is our "jack of all trades". What ever the task in the woodshop, Aaron will do it with high quality and in record time. His specialty is in working with brass tusk wraps.
Skull Cleaning
TRAVIS WOOD - Skulls Team Leader
Travis has been cleaning skulls since 2005. His experience and abilitiy is second to none and his knowledge of the many techniques of skull cleaning is a great asset.
Colt does a great job keeping the skull department organized and handles most of the dirty work. His ability to stay on top of his work load makes him a great part of the team.
LANCE BLANZEY - Skinning Manager
Lance has been with the campany since 2006. His attention to detail, commitment to quality, and knowledge of species anatomy has made him one of the best skinners in the industry.
  CODY GATES - Skinner
Cody is a hard worker, task oriented, and focused on getting the job done with a high level of quality. His attention to detail makes him a great asset to the team.
Maintenance & Fabrication
PAUL ENGELSMAN -Head of Maintenance
Paul has been with the company since 2004. He keeps all of our vehicles and facilities running smoothly. He also fabricates the metal framework supporting large taxidermy mounts.
Shipping & Delivery
MIKE HELMER - Shipping Coordinator
Mike has been with the company since 2006. Whether your mounts are shipped or delivered, Mike is the expert in charge of making certain they arrive to your door in top condition.
Nate is a hard worker. His efficient work ethic keeps our shipping department ahead of pace and providing consistent quality.
Support Staff
TRACEY WARCHUCK - Administrative Assistant
Tracey is in charge of accounts receivable for both the tannery and taxidermy studio.
  SHEILA PERKINS - Administrative Assistant
Sheila handles the routing of all of our phone calls and mail, as well as much of our daily office tasks.

  The Wildlife Gallery
737 Jackson Rd. Blanchard MI 49310
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